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EFFECTIVE: With IDC technology that allows you to control left and right pumps independently.
POWERFUL: Provides suction up to 250mmhg. No suction reduction while dual pumping.
SAFE & CLEAN: FDA approved! BPA free! Closed system, anti-flow design and very easy to clean.
EFFICIENT: Dual phase mode, simulation and expression
QUIET & LIGHT: Quiet expression, lightweight and portable for ease of movement

2-Phase Expression Technology

Customizable Setting Makes it Simple. With 9 adjustable suction levels. Moms can customize pump’s settings according to her needs with our IDC system.
2- Phase Expression is More Effective. That is designed to mimic a baby’s natural sucking behavior. First a fast pumping rhythm to stimulate the milk ejection reflex.
This is called stimulation. Next a slow pumping rhythm to express milk gently and efficiently. This is called expr

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